ArboSMART Cloud

The future of tree management and planning.

Cut costs

Further exploit the benefits of your urban greenery by reducing costs of upkeep by optimising planning and maintenance practices


Save time and resources of your urban greenery management team by SMART task dedication and automation

Monetary value

Find out the worth of your urban green infrastructure

Cloud solution

Our solution runs on Microsoft Azure which enables us to optimize costs and guarantee ~99.95% SLA.

Software as a service

No need for you to purchase expensive hardware, expensive third-party licences or anything other than our subscription.


ArboSMART Cloud relies on subscription pay model which means you can stop it any time you want to.

But ... what does the platform actualy do?

And which of your problems does it solve?

  • Tree database

    Tree database

    Platform contains database including thousands of species and their relevant data. Plus, meta-analysis of scientific literature (from dendrology basics to medical journals) and relevant industry standards.

  • Easy survey data input

    Easy survey data input

    Simple, wizard-like forms enable you to enter tree & tree survey data.

  • Divide & conquer

    Divide & conquer

    No need to have single database with large number of trees. You can create unlimited number of projects, each containing trees at specific area. I.e. project can scope from small park to large city. Users can be assigned to projects with different roles.

  • Rich reporting

    Rich reporting

    We prepared you a number of ad-hoc reports with powerful filtering ability. Want to know how many trees need pruning in next three months or how many healthy trees you actually have - no problem! All within couple of seconds

  • Logistics handling

    Logistics handling

    Smart and simple overview of all needed actions in defined period (month, two, ...) with cost estimate. Along with spreadsheet export this makes your operations much simpler.

  • Smart planning

    Smart planning

    Find a perfect plant and planting method for your planting project considering current population and future sustainable development needs

  • SMART maintenance module

    SMART maintenance module

    Minimize maintenance induced stress on urban greenery by relying on combination of robust SMART system. Reduce regular maintenance costs with detailed planning (up to 3 years in advanced).

  • And
    much much