ArboSMART Cloud

The future of urban greenery management and planning - cut costs, organize your maintenance, build reports and much more!

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We help you

Optimize and cut maintenance costs

Further exploit the benefits of your urban greenery by reducing costs of upkeep by optimising planning and maintenance practices

Make better, data-driven decisions

Our analytics modules provide valuable ad-hoc reports with real-time data. These valuable insights help you make better decision whenever is needed.

Find out your monetary value

Find out the value of your entire urban green infrastructure

Key features

Operational reporting and analytics
ArboSMART - Operational reporting and analytics

Rich, real-time operations reporting with optional filtering. Never worry about what and when needs to be done. You can easily find it here.

ArboSMART - Projects overview

Make your green infrastructure management easier by splitting visual inspection and maintenance responsibilities in multiple projects (divide and conquer). Care only about projects you're assigned to.

Cadastre overview
ArboSMART - Cadastre overview

Entire plant data in one place - easily filter plants by species, location, ... One place to overview all the plants you have. Tooltips provide all plant details - image, control details, ... Table view is also provided as means of getting even more details.

Operations management
ArboSMART - Operations management

Quickly filter every plant operation that needs to be done by one or multiple criteria (date planned, type of work, ...). Weather alerts are available for all scheduled items. After that, view them in table form, export them to Excel file or create work order!

Work order management
ArboSMART - Work order management

Create/edit work orders, add work-items - all in one place. Excel export/import is also there if needed!

Greenery analytics
ArboSMART - Greenery analytics

How many oaks we have? How many oaks taller than 10 meters we have? What is the distribution of tree species in that neighbourhood? Find all those answers and much more!

Other features

Software as a service

No need for you to purchase expensive hardware, expensive third-party licences or anything other than our subscription.


ArboSMART Cloud relies on subscription pay model which means you can stop it any time you want to.

Cloud solution

Our solution runs on Microsoft Azure which enables us to optimize costs and guarantee ~99.95% uptime.

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